Take fantastic online photo classes with world-class professional photographers, unite with fellow photography enthusiasts, or create a beautiful personal Web site like this one.

Ken Rockwell
Information about cameras, lenses and fabulous articles on photography. A wealth of information for free.

Luminescence of Nature
Jason Odell of "Image Doctor's" fame provides a great resource for those interested in Nikon Capture NX/NX2 and other NIK products. He also has a interesting Blog that provides a wealth of information on recent products/processes. He also has a tips and tricks section. It is geared toward NIKON users.

Nature Photographers Online Magazine ...
If you want to join a wonderful online community that will help you with all your question, this is the one. Dedicated to nature photography, you will learn about places and techniques to use on your treks into the great outdoors.

This is a website for Nikon enthusiasts. Membership is free (limited features) or nominal yearly fees. It has great information boards on any subject related to Nikon products. It also hosts several podcast related to photography and Nikon gear.

Thom Hogan Nikon Site -- byThom
I had to include a Nikon only site. This is for Nikon lovers. If you want to know anything about a Nikon camera or lens, or just about anything else Nikon makes, here is the site for you.

This is purely a photo contest site. The community consists of some of the most talented photographers you can find anywhere in the world. Just studying the photographs on this site will enable you to gain considerable insights on technique and composition. You can view my winning photos on Shutterbugs HERE